Tuesday 22 November 2016

7 habits of highly successful authors

 Sowing The seeds of Publishing Sucess

Social media has become an integral part of an author’s life. From research to marketing, getting it right can often be the difference between a bestselling book and one which slips into oblivion. Authors ignore the influence of social media at their peril, but it can also be an unwanted distraction. A few minutes browsing can turn into hours and with more and more of us watching TV shows online it’s frightening how much time we can squander when we could be writing. Of course, it’s all about balance and importantly there are a number of powerful habits we can form to ensure we get the balance right. It’s a sobering thought but always remember that time is finite and tomorrow is an aspiration, not a given! Visit the BookViral blog to read this article in full.

1.    Setting yourself a realistic daily word count target is a great way to manage your time and your own expectations.

2.    Writing is a creative pursuit that comes from within and setting aside some ‘You’ time is not only an important part of re-energising but for subconsciously tapping into the well of creativity inside you.

3.    Don’t neglect family and friends. Time with the ones you love will provide you with the stability and support that will carry you through those times when your motivation and confidence are at an all-time low.

4.    The old adage we are what we eat has never been truer than for authors. Head down working on a new book it’s easy to lose track of meal times and lean towards quick fixes. Eating healthily helps to recharge the mind as well as the body.

5.    Publishing continues to change at an alarming pace. There are more demands on authors than ever before. Remember that you are first and foremost a writer and to succeed you need to put words on paper. Be realistic about what you can and can’t do effectively and don’t be afraid to delegate.

6.    It’s easy to forget we have limits. There’s a certain romanticism about an author burning the midnight oil to complete a book but long hours lead to burnt out which will have a negative impact all around. Set yourself a routine and stick to it. Most importantly know when to stop. Turn off the phone and don’t be tempted to look at your emails!

7.    Repetition leads to monotony. Few authors can write day in day out without the need for a break. Find the time to do something different. Learning something new not only provides an opportunity to relax but allows the creative mind to recharge itself.
Taken in turn these are simple habits to adopt but taken together they will help build the foundations for your success.

We all cope with the rigours of writing in our own way and we'd love to hear what you do to ensure a sense of balance and if you have a title you would like us to review you can find further details HERE

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